Nanaimo’s Youth Newspaper: The Mind’s Eye

I discovered the most amazing little newspaper recently. I’m not even sure how I missed it before. While sharing  my husband’s birthday lunch at Delicados I discovered “the Mind’s Eye”. It’s a newspaper written by and for youth (ages 13 to 25). It has a super positive vibe and it is full of interviews with artists. It also has a healthy dose of witty opinion columns, and a rolling list of local events that I would actually attend! (Underground all-ages shows).

It kind of rejuvenated my hope for the future of our writing youth. Maybe the digital generation won’t turn out as literally obtuse as my dark dreams have occasionally imagined. 🙂 Thank you to the Nanaimo Daily News for backing this publication and to all the youth who contribute!

Here is their facebook page.

You can pick up a copy of the Mind’s Eye at your high school, the Avalon, Van Isle Video, The Aquatic Centre, Oliver Woods Community Centre, Nanaimo Ice Centre, Harbourfront Library, Fascinating Rhythm, Lucid, House of Indigo, the Thirsty Camel, Pirate Chips and other local businesses.


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