About Me

I’m an artist, a singer/song-writer, and a novelist. I enjoy rock climbing and met my husband teaching mountain boarding at a summer camp in Crofton BC.

My life is a patchwork of colourful experiences: from leading tours upon a historical sailboat in Nanaimo harbor to working for Union Gospel Mission where I helped teens and at-risk children work to escape the destructive cycle of drugs and poverty.

My books are inspired by my unique experiences and driven by my passion to see young people rise above difficult circumstances to become the best that they can be.

This blog is dedicated artists of all types and in particular, to authors who – like me – are just beginning their journey. From untangling the nuances of point of view, to what happens when you meet a real-life agent face-to-face, I’ve included it all here. Feel free to contact me with your literary questions and comments.

Watch out for my up-coming blog series on some of my favourite YA authors and just what they had to overcome to see their dream in print. You won’t want to miss it!

*I am currently in the middle of transitioning from blospot to wordpress. For more articles and to follow my journey to this point, visit me at http://cjgosling.blogspot.com.*


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