Kids that Read are Awesome!

I attended something called ReadUp TweetUp last night. In celebration of family literacy day, the local twitter community (shout out) and a bunch of amazing authors came together to host a literary networking event. What does that mean? Lots of books, people that love to read, and those who love to write (and read). But the highlight of the evening? It would definitely be meeting young Aiden and his sister Abigail.

Aiden and his sister devour books. Apparently Aiden read my book in a couple of days and he loved it. What makes this great is the fact that while my book may be a fast-paced read, I didn’t pull any punches when it comes to vocabulary and sentence structure. The age group I wrote for would be 12 to 16 year-olds and Aiden’s 10. Way to go!

My mom also showed me a picture of a girl from her Special Ed class reading my book. The girl had her nose between the pages and you can tell she really loves it. My mom is getting the librarian to put my book into the high school where she works, and apparently there’s already a lineup to borrow it.

I can’t even begin to say how much this means to me. I’ve been a little bogged down lately by adult reviews of my book that focus on things like flow, sentence structure, character development. I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I didn’t think there were things that I can improve on but it meant the world to me to meet a kid that just loved the story.

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3 responses to “Kids that Read are Awesome!

  • Rusty Biesele

    Isn’t it wonderful to see kids read your book. I treasure every kid that reads my manuscript. It’s like my reason for writing.

  • Cheryl Schenk

    Hi, C.J.
    It is the most rewarding and wonderful feeling, isn’t it, when a child praises your work.

    As an indie author it is a struggle gaining credibility, and I too sometimes get bogged down by adult observations of my work.

    The children make it all worthwhile, though. I had a young girl at a sale look at our book. She told us how much her brother would love it. He was only in grade one and was coping with some form of autism, but she told us how he could read at a grade three level. I was so impressed with this young girl, I signed a copy and asked her to give it to her brother as a gift. You’d have thought I had given her a million dollars, her smile was so bright.

    I also did an audio of the book and recently, one of my husbands co-workers (who had bought the book and CD for his 3 yr old daughter) said that they had taken the CD to the hospital and played it for there son. He was born a short time ago with Down Syndrome and has had complications since that have put him back in hospital. His parents said that my voice reading the story seems to sooth him.

    I will sleep well and happy tonight knowing I have made some difference somewhere in the world, even in such a small way.

  • Shannon Mayer

    that is very cool. And I’m an adult and I think your story is awesome sauce đŸ˜‰

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