New Project: The dreaded short story.

I’m about to swim into shark infested waters. My writer’s group has collectively decided that we want to put together a compilation of short stories that we can publish and release in time for Christmas. Don’t see the problem? The trouble is… that I don’t know how. :S

The structure of a short story is bemusing to me. Character development is so important, I just can’t figure out how to do it in a few short pages. I don’t know how to structure the pacing or what to focus on… in short, it’s easier for me to write a whole book!

I’ve decided to start with some brainstorming. The images that flash across my brain have to do with goblins and spiced plum cake (flam kuchen). I’ve got a few weeks to put together and engaging outline. Any advice?

Mmm… flam kuchen.


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I paint, I sing, I walk in the rain. I'm clumsy and I love the smell of campfire. My head is full of imaginary things and the only thing I ever really want to do in life is write. My first book "Shadowlands: The Guardian" was released in Feb. 2011. The sequel is coming in 2012! View all posts by cjgosling

One response to “New Project: The dreaded short story.

  • Arianne

    How about making your flam kuchen your character and the story its perilous journey from oven to table, its path frought with hungry goblins and other household pests? Can it be a short story in the ancient Goblin tradition of flam kuchen lore or the tradition of poisoning the pixies lore..
    “There is one thing no goblin child can bare to think about,, one thing that turns their blood warm and melts the frozen happiness of their naming ceremony. A ruined flam kuchen.”

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