Searching for Paradise

Has anyone ever seen the movie “Brazil” ? It’s a clash of dreamlike and industrial images, set in a ‘George Orwell like’ future. It’s funny, disturbing, and a little confusing. I would almost recommend reading a plot summary before you watch it… but maybe that’s just me.

The point is: the movie is about the search for paradise. The main character longs to find his true love and to escape his inane bureaucratic industrial existence to a magical land called “Brazil”.

I get it. I feel like ‘somewhere out there’ is a place of magic and wonder, of strange smells and dazzling clothes. Somewhere beyond our electronic toys daily office grind. People say it exists, but I don’t really know if it does… which is why… I’m leaving for India tomorrow. 🙂

Hehe. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not naive, I know about the slums and disease, I know about the crush of people. I expect that nothing will really prepare me for it… I’ve got my shots an I think I’ll leave my pretty wedding rings behind. I just… I’m not even there yet, and I’m entranced by the wonder of an idea. I’m in love with the culture and the people… somehow the difficulties make the discovery of beauty and magic in India more alluring.

And I know I will find wonder there… simply because I’m looking for it.


PS … I’m not bringing a computer so I might be off line for a few weeks. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

PPS I’m not going alone. My big strong husband is coming too!


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