And the Winners are…

Creative Content’s very first photo contest is officially over!  I had a hard time deciding between many of them, so I recruited my husband J to help me pick. Even if you didn’t take first or second prize, I may still be contacting you in order to paint your picture! The theme of the photo contest was ‘wonder close to home’. Here’s what we picked and why:

2nd place…

I loved the symmetry of this piece as well as the contrasting textures. I enjoyed how Cynthia Isaak turned a common city scene into something that almost feels whimsical. I think I can have quite a lot of fun playing with these elements as I paint it, and I also think it fits nicely into the theme of this contest.

First prize is… (drum roll)

You don’t get it? Don’t worry neither did I at first. My husband actually went to bat for this one and in the end I had to agree with him. Here’s why.

It begins with the colour and arrangements of the elements. Somehow everything works together in a way that I find stunningly beautiful. I know that it will be a struggle to to paint this piece in a way that anyone will understand (one of the reasons I almost passed over it), 🙂 but I think it will be worth it in the end. I also feel that it fits perfectly with my theme. I love how Jordan Oram took something common and even mundane and created wonder.

So that’s it! I’d have an honourable mention section but that would probably include 90% of everything else. I’m not kidding when I say the race was close, and I do hope to be painting more that just the two pictures shown here. Many many thanks to everyone who submitted their work!



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