Creative Content Photo Contest!

I’ve got a paintbrush in hand and a large white canvas, now all I need is a little inspiration.

In the interests of bringing artists together, and rousing my own inner muse, I’ve decided to kick off Creative Content with a photo contest.

The theme is “wonder close to home”. If I love it, I’ll paint it. If I end up selling the painting, or any prints of it, a portion of the sales will go back to the photographer.

First prize is a signed preview copy of my new book.

Second prize is a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Contest closes on November 12th.

Submissions can be emailed to me at Expect to see your work posted on my website. Please no explicit content!

Get clicking!!


About cjgosling

I paint, I sing, I walk in the rain. I'm clumsy and I love the smell of campfire. My head is full of imaginary things and the only thing I ever really want to do in life is write. My first book "Shadowlands: The Guardian" was released in Feb. 2011. The sequel is coming in 2012! View all posts by cjgosling

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