My Tangled Life

Some of our stories are more tangled than others, mine seems to be more tangled than most. I don’t intend this blog to be about me, but sometimes it’s nice to see beyond the computer screen. Because of this, I thought I’d give you a brief glimpse into my life.

Let’s start with India.

Ah, the land of forbidden dreams and fantastic wonder. My husband and I have this overwhelming urge to live there one day, so we’re going to be flying there in a month to see if it really is the promised land. We’ve been saving all our pennies and it’s finally going to happen!

Being an author, I’ve decided to set the third book of my YA fantasy series in India. I expect to do some intensive research on this trip. I plan to explore to the fullest stretch of my imagination and eat many spicy things.

Speaking of books, I’ve recently hired a wonderful lady named Kimberly Plumley as my publicist. She’s amazing and she is already opening doors for me to do scary things like public speaking and signings. She has given me so much to do on the marketing and promotion side of things that I am honestly totally overwhelmed… one of the reasons I’m quitting my job.

Told you I’m tangled.

I had a really great job as a purchaser in the outdoor recreation business. My boss flew me places and kind reps gave me pretty things. But it just couldn’t fill the empty gnawing deep inside of me that told me it was better to stay home on rainy days and write about dragons. So I gave notice and I intend to get very serious about having fun.

So that’s a start. There is something wholesome about living on very little. My husband is more fun than TV and I’m quite fond of making jam and baking bread. I also plan to walk more… there’s this place just down the tracks – a beautiful round lake that is often still and foggy.

Hmmm. Life is good.


About cjgosling

I paint, I sing, I walk in the rain. I'm clumsy and I love the smell of campfire. My head is full of imaginary things and the only thing I ever really want to do in life is write. My first book "Shadowlands: The Guardian" was released in Feb. 2011. The sequel is coming in 2012! View all posts by cjgosling

5 responses to “My Tangled Life

  • Rusty Biesele

    Please be careful going to India. While there are many interesting things to see, you can easily become extremely ill. So ill, that North American doctors can scratch their heads for a month trying to figure out what you got. Be sure to take you Malaria meds a week in advance. Be sure you have a prescription bottle filled with Cipro. Look at the US CDC site on India travel. My wife has traveled to India for business a number of times (Bangalore). Mysore, near there, is a pretty neat place to see. But what really gets to you after a while is the enormous poverty. After being there a good while, it just sucks the joy right out of you.

  • Maia Caron

    I haven’t been to India, but a good friend of mine went some ten years ago and hasn’t been back! Like you, she always felt a deep connection to India. She wrote me that the people there, although many live in extreme poverty, are quite simply, happy. She says there is a blissful peace among the people there that you can feel when you’re walking on the land itself. So I wish you a wonderful journey there.

    Thanks for adding me to your Twitter author and Nanaimo contacts lists. I’m not a published author (yet), but my newest project is a YA novel that has sci-fi elements, so hopefully this one will sell. I can’t wait to read your first book and will be first in line at your signing at the local Chapters!

  • Elle Strauss

    I wish you Godspeed as you follow your dreams! Sound very exciting.

  • Maplemusketeer

    CJ, by continuing to listen and follow your internal values and heart with sincerity and openess you are chasing dreams and living life. No matter what choices we make we’ll encounter a share of sorrow and suffering, but joy and wisdom as well. Thank you for continuing to share of your inspiring journey which is an example to all of us as we too strive to walk authentically along our paths. 😀

    My story doesn’t have any dragons yet! But there is some tough/heavy stuff with a dryad coming up.

  • CharlotteSometimes

    Madam C. Gosling
    You’ve caught me in your tangled web!
    Keep on spinning, let others do the weaving!
    Talk soon over a nice warm meal!
    So, what’s on the menu?

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