Synopsis breakdown

Okay. Confession time. If you’re writing a book, you must write a synopsis.

You see I didn’t do it. I had a great query(your introduction letter to an agent/publisher), a good pitch(a short verbal blurb to sell your book in under a minute or two) and an excellent summary (your book in a paragraph or two). But somehow I just couldn’t abide the thought of finishing that darn synopsis (an outline of the plot written in a witty engaging voice in present tense with little or no adverbs/adjectives. 2-5 pages, give or take)… despite all the advice and prompting of my writer’s group.

I got away with it because I connected with Angela at a conference and she was more interested in simply viewing my manuscript. I’ve heard that most publishers are like this… but you still need a synopsis. Why? Because. Somebody, somewhere down the line will ask for it.

Like… say a big reviewer… who doesn’t have time to read your whole book but wants to do a review anyway… and he needs your synopsis by tomorrow morning.

In case you’re wondering… it’s 3am.


Okay. Cheer up time. Angela told me I could leak this.

 Awesome huh? And creepy. No I won’t tell you. You’ll have to get the book you freeloaders… that or pester me until I give in.

Just teasing. Have a great sleep. I know I will. 😛


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3 responses to “Synopsis breakdown

  • Angela Jurgensen

    I am so sorry, Charity! If it makes you feel better I am up too! 8 D

  • Rusty B.

    Also, the synopsis is important for you too. You never really know what you have written until you write the synopsis. The synopsis speaks to you. You think you have written a book on A and your jacket flap summary reflects that. But really, it came out a little different and you have written a book on B, C, and D. The synopsis helps you realize what B, C, and D are. That's important to know when you go to write the next book if it is a series. I know it was a revelation for me when I finally got it done. Not that I wasn't cursing every step of the way I was writing it. It was my first and very painful. Luckily, I had some people on tap ready to give me feedback quickly to help keep me honest. They had read the MS too.

  • Shannon

    I just finished synopsis #2! It does get easier, I think it's like anything else and takes practice. Lots and lots of practice! Good luck 😀

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