>Jonah Hex… Spoiler Alert!


Jonah Hex… Spoiler Alert!

Soooo… I watched Jonah Hex today… not to spoil it for anyone buuuutt… There’s this hero see, and he’s the only one who can stop the bad guy from destroying the world… and there’s this girl… who gets caught and he has to rescue… and he does. In the end. By jumping off a boat. Into the water. In slow motion. As it explodes.

Sometimes… sigh it’s like a knife twisting in my gut. A watch a movie and a drop into bleak despair as I wonder: where have all the storytellers gone? And why aren’t they getting jobs in Hollywood?

Okay. Depressed rant over… maybe I should watch some Indiana Jones next. Now THERE’S great storytelling!



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One response to “>Jonah Hex… Spoiler Alert!

  • Rusty B.

    >Resources for storytellers in Hollywood have been sucked dry by vampires. Certainly by the Eclipse movie. Certainly none of the movies I preferred to watch had a chance to be shown in IMAX because most of those screens got eaten up by vampires. Vampires on a two story screen. A lot of internet bandwidth is being chewed up by vampires too. I watched an irate video by an aspiring teen writer who said "who is this person who wrote these vampire novels." She was rather upset that for 6 years she had been studying novel character and plot construction (video shows piles of books on the subject) and yet the vampire author spent less than 6 months and made a million bucks. I rolled on the floor from Stephen King video "apologizing" for insulting the vampire author. Stephen King is actually a pretty scary guy; I wouldn't want to be in his cross-hairs. Well I guess there is always Toy Story 3. I've heard it has an unusually good story, sort of a tear-jerker. And Disney has the bucks to buy a few good screens, despite vampires. If you want to feel like a kid again and see a reasonably good story, go rent the Disney movie: "Flight of the Navigator". It's not a heavy plot, but its very cute and enjoyable. It's old though, so it might be a little hard to find.

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