Book 3: Day 11

Or… the eleventh day that I’ve sat down to work on this book. In reality it’s been kicking around for months. But hey, I’ve written 15,000 words (1700 today!) so I’m pretty happy.

I have a goal to reach somewhere between 20-25 K before my writers group on the 15th. I happen to know for a fact that if they weren’t there to keep me accountable and focused I’d watch more mythbusters on my writing days. 🙂

Until later then! Gotta go talk contracts with my publisher! 🙂


About cjgosling

I paint, I sing, I walk in the rain. I'm clumsy and I love the smell of campfire. My head is full of imaginary things and the only thing I ever really want to do in life is write. My first book "Shadowlands: The Guardian" was released in Feb. 2011. The sequel is coming in 2012! View all posts by cjgosling

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