Percy Jackson is twelve years old.

Coffee and I don’t mix well. Nope not at all. Too bad it’s just so darn delicious. I caved this evening and drank 1/2 a cup of coffee mixed with 1/2 decaf and a lot (note ‘a lot’… NOT alot- that’s for you Shannon) of cream. Now it’s midnight. I’m usually asleep by 10:30 but instead I’m crocheting a toque and blogging…

Anyways, I did have something to write about. I read ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ this weekend and J and I just went to see the movie. As I read the book, I had a hard time picturing how they would turn the twisting sprawling plot into a two hour movie. I figured they’d have to cut quite a bit out and I was right.

Some things I approved of. Minor characters were cut, others were merged, and a few of the knottier plot kinks were nicely ironed out. The second half of the movie I didn’t like so much. I felt like they continued to cut corners until strong characters became cleche and I lost interest.

But I still liked the movie, I say a 5, maybe 6/10. The biggest reason why I did, picks up on a strong trend in young adult movies right now. It seems to me that it’s all about THE WORLD.

Think about it. Harry Potter movies are getting worse. What was up with City of Ember anyways? Transformers… awesome but not because the ending was clever. Narnia, Twilight of course (taught me how to write over-the-top teen drama into my books), all the superhero movies, umm… Spiderwick Chronicles,Vampire’s Assistant… Okay so there’s been a lot of bombs lately, but my point is no one banked on great plot or deep characters to make money from these movies, they banked on sucking you in to a world of wonder, often developed with more detail than any other element in the story. I at least watch these movies to go somewhere I could never go and to be convinced that it might be real.

And that’s why I think the producers of Percy Jackson figured they could hack Rick Riordan’s story into a movie script: Because the world’s so great.

I’d like to write like that.



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