Day 1, part 2. The Audience

So my next step is getting to know my audience. I’m reading a really great book by Regina Brooks about writing specifically for young adults. Part of my work today involved me thinking back to when I was a teen and journaling about what it felt like to be different- trying to fit in but knowing deep down that there was something inside of me always trying to escape and that something was very different from what I saw around me.

Next, I keyed in on memories with strong emotions attached, especially emotions of rebellion. After journaling this, I let my mind run wild and used those emotions to give life to crazy story scenarios.

I also made a list of current events I thought had a strong emotional impact on teens today. I plan to expand this by doing some more browsing on the internet, and snooping on facebook.

Using some of this material I’ve begun to brainstorm my characters. But more on that later…


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