Real people!

The first time I sat down with the intent to write a book, I learned a valuable lesson within the first couple months. The more I work alone without reading or speaking to other writers, the better I think I am… and the worse I get.

Let me try that again. Writing is funny business. There’s a whole world of people to love and places to explore in my head, but the reality of it is I’m sitting alone in front of a computer for six hours and I’m still in my bathrobe… and I haven’t eaten… since… Well lunch, yesterday.

Praise God for husbands who come home determined to give me a good ‘airing out’. Where would I be if I didn’t talk with real people once in a while or watch a real sunset?

Beyond that, I’m learning more and more each day that my novel needs a good ‘airing out’ as well. Without new perspectives from other writers, my writing gets cramped and repetitive. Eventually I suspect, even the best of us loose the ability to pull ourselves away from the text, far enough to see what needs fixing.

It gets worse. Not only am I blind to the technical errors, I start to believe that I’m better than I am. (Usually a good dose of Poe clears that up.)

Now I get to the point. (See, I’m not just rambling!) I’ve finally found a writer’s group! Yea! Real people, real lives, real words.

Hehe… I know that last bit was over-the-top cheesy. Sorry couldn’t help it. Now I shall leave this cursed machine and go live with real people and breathe real air. I might just have some real fun while I’m at it!


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I paint, I sing, I walk in the rain. I'm clumsy and I love the smell of campfire. My head is full of imaginary things and the only thing I ever really want to do in life is write. My first book "Shadowlands: The Guardian" was released in Feb. 2011. The sequel is coming in 2012! View all posts by cjgosling

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