An awesome read!

The other night my husband and I were talking about the bible and our different approaches to it. J loves bible study. He reads commentaries and wrestles with the Greek. He’s got all these study guides and usually buries his nose in one while I’m busy reading Artemus Fowl. I mean I love the bible but study definitely isn’t my passion. I see it a different way- I love the stories.

I mean a good story has something that connects with and challenges our basic humanity. Can a prostitute save a city? Should a warrior slay his mad king? What would it be like to walk into eternity and never die? And of course there is the greatest story: an all powerful being (Jesus) takes on the guise and weaknesses of humanity and sacrifices his own life to save ours… simply because of love. But it doesn’t stop there. After he has been betrayed, beaten, and murdered, the true nature of this being is dramatically revealed. He is the king of eternity. His ultimate gift was his death. And by his resurrection he breaks the curse of death. Despair and tragedy is turned into hope. We are the adopted sons and daughters of the eternity king. Death is no longer the end, it is a doorway.

Some of us have heard it so many times, it feels preachy. But really, WHAT A GOOD story! (And it’s true!) Pretty much all my favorite movies and books steal from the bible… hidden greatness, heart-wrenching self-sacrifice, the discovery/need for genuine love, forgiveness, redemption. The search for something more, the discovery that we are special (children of promise, heir of the kingdom, warriors in a great battle)… destiny.


I’m going to go write now, 😉

Blessings, Charity


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